The Best Application of Trustworthy AI

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Entry Criteria

Entries for this award must be self-nominated.

Nominations are open to individuals and teams residing in the Continent of Europe (including teams representing academic / commercial / not-for-profit organisations which have European based operations).

Entries should provide detail on an Artificial Intelligence project which has a strong focus on the application of techniques that improve or retain the trustworthiness that users have in the outputs of those systems. Applications should provide considerable detail on the AI tools and techniques that have been developed/applied as part of the solution, and demonstrate how end users are benefitting from their application.

The project should have been conducted in the prior 12 – 18 months.

It is recommended that your application is submitted in data science context rather than marketing literature as each submission will be marked against the criteria set out below and will be reviewed by a data science professional.

DatSci-Application -Trustworthy-AI


Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100


  • Demonstrate your understanding of the problem, and why the problem requires the application of Trustworthy/Ethical AI. Document how the project came about and how you or your organisation got it off the ground. How did you fund this project? [20 Points]

Solution Overview

  • Document the solution developed for the problem. Ensure that this documentation provides detail on those parts of the solution dealing with trustworthiness specifically compliance with the applicable laws, adherence to ethical principles, and robustness from both a technical and social perspective. Showcase the complexities and challenges in the project and how you or your organisation overcame them. [15 Points]
  • Describe the AI skills, tools and techniques that were applied in order to deliver the goal of trustworthy AI. [15 Points]

Impact & Adoption

  • Clearly describe how the application of trustworthy tools and techniques to the solution is delivering real benefit for users. Document the adoption of the solution in terms of where it is deployed and how many users are benefiting from the solution. [40 points]


  • Describe your vision for your solution into the future. How can the Trustworthy Tools and Techniques be applied to other problems? [10 points]