Best use of Data Science /AI in Environment, Agriculture and Food

 Entry Criteria

Entries for Best Use of Data Science/AI in Environment, Agriculture, and Food must be self-nominated.

The application of technology to the Environment, Agriculture, and Food domains aims to improve the ways in which we manage our planet, combat global warming, and produce the food that our growing populations need in a sustainable manner. Entries to this award must showcase how they have applied Data Science/AI as part of a live implementation within the environment, agriculture, and/or food domains.

The solutions/products described in the entry must have been developed within the past 12-18 months.

It is recommended that your application is submitted in data science context rather than marketing literature as each submission will be marked against the criteria set out below and will be reviewed by a data science professional.


Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100

Business Problem

  • Demonstrate the organisation’s understanding of the business problem in the environment/agri/food domain; describe the key stakeholders and customers. Document how the project came about and how your organisation got it off the ground. [10 Points]

Solution Overview

  • Document the solution developed for the business problem. Provide an overview of the implementation of the solution and how it was deployed. Showcase the complexities and challenges you faced and how you overcame them. [15 Points]
  • Describe the data science skills, tools and techniques that were applied in order to deliver this project, in terms of both quantitative analysis of datasets and the application of Data Science/AI techniques to the problem at hand. [15 Points]


  • Outline the innovation in your solution. What differentiates it from other solutions in the environment/agri/food domain that have been applied to the same problem? [20 Points]

Business Impact

  • Clearly describe how your solution to the business problem is delivering real business value. Showcase the number of customers that are using benefiting from this solution, and how they are benefiting. What other impact is the solution having on the business. [30 Points]


  • Describe your vision for your solution into the future. What other problems in the environment/agri/food domain do you plan to address through the application of Data Science/AI? [10 points]