Award for Exceptional CEO/Leader in the field of Data Science/AI

Entry Criteria

Candidates for the award may be nominated by an individual or individuals familiar with the candidate either through direct experience or through familiarity with their impact in the media.

This is a new award for 2020 and is intended to recognise and celebrate an individual who has demonstrated:

  • extraordinary thought leadership and contribution to the public debate at the cutting edge of the rapidly developing fields of data science and AI;


  • the successful development of a culture within an organization that promotes, fosters, and rewards a focus on data science and AI, leading to measurable improvements for the organization and their users.

The activities conducted by the CEO/leader described in the entry should have been conducted within the past 3 years.

Nominations for this award should provide the following information:

  • Name of candidate, their affiliation, their position, and contact information
  • Name of the proposers(s), their affiliations(s), their position(s), and contact information
  • Nominator(s) relationship to the candidate
  • A short synopsis of the candidates main achievements and impacts that merit nomination for being an outstanding visionary and leader (maximum 50 words)
  • A detailed narrative which sets out the justification for nomination (max 300 words), including
    • the candidate‚Äôs exceptional and/or extraordinary professional achievements, thought leadership and contributions as they relate to Data Science/AI;
    • how the leadership of this candidate has enabled others to be successful in the application of Data Science/AI;
    • outline other attributes that this candidate has demonstrated that qualify her / him to be honoured with this award.