At last year’s Awards CeADAR (Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research) won the Team of the Year for Academic Research Award, sponsored by Dun & Bradstreet.

CeADAR, funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, is a market-focused technology centre for the innovation and application of big data analytics and visualization with industry partners.

Led by University College Dublin (UCD), in partnership with UCC and DIT, CeADAR specialises in accelerated development and deployment of technologies such as data management, predictive analytics, machine learning, real time analytics and visualisation. CeADAR is headquartered at NexusUCD, the Industry Partnership Centre at UCD.

Members of CeADAR, winner of the Team of the Year for Academic Research Award, Shen Wang, Oisin Boydell, Jing Su and David Haughton.

We recently checked in with Oisin Boydell to hear what he had to say about getting involved in the inaugural year and winning their Award!

oisin boydell

Here’s what Oisin had to say:

“As a team it’s easy to become completely immersed in current research and projects, and not look at what else is going on. However when we heard about the upcoming inaugural DatSci Awards last year we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase the work we do and a really interesting project that we had developed. It was also great to be able to support the DatSci Awards as they rely on a good mix of entries across the award categories.

The awards event itself was great fun, and a good occasion for the team to meet other data scientists and companies in the field and to hear about interesting projects. The party atmosphere made it feel like a real celebration of all the great work going on in data science in Ireland.

We were delighted to win the best academic research team award and are really proud of this achievement. We’ve found that it is a great accolade to have and it helps to raise the profile of CeADAR and the work that we do.”

Oisin Boydell is a Senior Researcher at CeADAR (Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research) at University College Dublin

If you are interested in entering this year’s Awards, be sure to submit your entry by 6pm on 31.05.2017 a full list of this year’s categories can be found here.