In the first instance,  we are the location for many major global multinationals from the internet giants to the pharma sector. Data is part of their DNA. This has driven a wealth of awareness of and opportunities in statistics and data science world. The keys to the kingdom lie in the hands of those that can make agile business decisions, built upon information derived from the deluge of available data.

Secondly, our much lauded local talent is a curious mix of drive, creativity and clear thinking, sponsored by government policy, fostered by government agencies and is supported by our third level institutions. While data science is normally viewed as highly mathematical, practitioners know that it is also part art. The ability to creatively  use data and technology to solve problems is central to its success.

My vision of the future is a very positive one, humanity is at the start of the next great technological (R)evolution, where we will harness the power of technology to build a better, more connected world. Critically, this will free up humanity from many of the tasks we occupy ourselves with and will allow us to shape our futures in ways we can only yet glimpse.

Accenture is proud to partner with the inaugural DatSci Awards and we are delighted to have the opportunity to recognise the creativity, passion and innovation within Ireland’s data science community.