The Best Use of Data Science in a Start-Up, powered by First Data, was won by RecommenderX.

Ireland’s Data Science start up scene is thriving. This Award recognises the efforts of those pioneers who have taken the big step of founding a new business to bring data science products and services to market. Entries to this award came from a wide variety of different sectors, including healthcare, fitness, environment and waste reduction, messaging, customer relationship management and customer support. The judges were particularly impressed with the level of ingenuity shown by these start ups, who are using Data Science to solve previously intractable business problems in so many different fields.

Here is some insight from Mark O’Donovan, Chairman of RecommenderX on presentation day.

How does it feel to be a DatSci Awards 2017 winner?

It really feels great, and it’s important to RecX AI and our team.

Tell us about your winning submission:

The RecX AI winning submission covered our approach at building software for our customers and partners, to enable us to build and finance our own Data Analytics and AI Applications and IP. How we won business, differentiated ourselves with our very experienced world class Team.

What was it that first attracted you to Data Science as a career?

The powerful potential for Data Science and its application and analysis to be so relevant and  beneficial in helping to improve so many industries, and helping to improve business performance productivity, customer engagement, sales and profitability

Who has been your biggest influencer in your career to date?

Other Entrepreneurs!. The biggest influencers have been other entrepreneurs and there can do and will do attitude. As an entrepreneur you have too many nay sayers highlighting why you can’t do it, and won’t be successful. Where as these inspirational entrepreneurs focus on how you can do, and get around, through , over, or under the obstacles that will be put in your way, to get to your goal.

Who do you admire most in the international Data Science world and why?

John McCarthy, the American computer scientist and cognitive scientist who was one of the founders of the discipline of artificial intelligence, and coined the phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence”. John was originally from Ireland and now his descendants Dr Kevin McCarthy and Padraig McCarthy in RecX AI are now bringing his AI work forward with our world class RecX Data Analytics & AI applications and solutions helping to improve business performance in Finance and Healthcare.

Do you work on any data projects/ Initiatives outside of your job?

The RecommednerX AI founding director Professor Barry Smyth is applying exciting initiatives outside his job in the application of data science in his passion for running, and measuring, monitoring and studying the human body, and healthcare implications.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Data Science?

Data Science is very interesting. It is relevant to many jobs and industries. You will be in big demand, it pays well. Data Science has been the Nr.1, choice of jobs and most in demand career for the last two years according to the international companies Glassdoor and Forbes.

What is your advice for anyone considering entering DatSci Awards 2018?

Prepare well, and follow the entry criteria clearly laid out for the category you are applying for, and which is well highlighted on their web site here:  And  be sure to answer  and cover these points well in your interview and presentation.

What did you think of the Awards Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony is well run and fun. It is the key event for data scientists  to attend, It gives  great opportunities to meet your peers in the industry and potential customers. The announcement of RecommenderX AI win online, won 3,672 hits, and has definitely opened up new business opportunities and customers.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Thank you, and as Arnie said. We’ll be back !

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