On the 21.09.2017, Microsoft Ireland were announced of as the Winner of the Award for the Best Use of Data Science in a Large Company powered by FTI Consulting.

Large companies can have a huge impact through the application of Data Science within their business and in their products and services. The sheer scale of these companies, their customer bases and the data that the house also bring many challenges that must be overcome when applying Data Science. This award received 17 entries from companies in a wide variety of different sectors, including banking, insurance, media and publishing, medical devices, telecommunications, energy, and IT. The wide variety of different sectors where data science is being employed really emphasizes the importance of data and data science in Irish industry. The quality of these submissions was extremely high and the judging panel had their work cut out for them in just choosing the finalists.  However on the day there can only be one winner.  We caught up with Martin Perry from Microsoft for a brief Q & A.

Check out the video below to get an insight in to what Team Microsoft pitched for their winning presentation for  DatSci Awards 2017.

How does it feel to be a DatSci Awards 2017 winner?

Immensely satisfied that the great work of the team has been recognised

Tell us about your winning submission:

The title was ‘Time Series EA Volume Licensing Capacity Forecasting’   This resulted in improved forecasting accuracy with a reduced un-processed revenue risk and no outsourced staff fee penalties in H2 2016.

What was it that first attracted you to Data Science as a career?

I have an engineering background and was always analytic in outlook.  As data science came in to demand, I was ideally placed to move into such a role.

Who has been your biggest influencer in your career to date?

Obtaining a great education, it gives you choices

Who do you admire most in the international Data Science world and why?

Hadley Wickham at RStudio.  He has had a huge impact on the Open Source Data Science community through his work on RStudio and various significant R packages.

Do you work on any data projects/ Initiatives outside of your job?

I learn and test out various analytic and statistical techniques on a UK Government open source data source from the Highways Agency.  This is the area research for my PhD was in 20 years ago.  If only the data was available 20 years ago!

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Data Science?

Undertake one of the MOOC’s from Coursera or EDX, which will give you a sound hands on grounding of the area.

What is your advice for anyone considering entering DatSci Awards 2018?

A key skill is collaboration with the domain experts of the area you are looking at.  You need to be able to ask the right questions.

What did you think of the Awards Ceremony?

Great energy and buzz

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