On the 21.09.2017, Orreco were announced of as the Winner of the Award for the Best Use of Data Science in an SME powered by Enterprise Ireland.

SMEs form the backbone of business in Ireland. Over the years, we have witnessed many truly amazing companies grow and develop across all industries, competing successfully on the international stage winning business around the world. Through this award, we are helping showcase the emergence of a new cohort of SMEs who are leveraging Data Science principles and techniques to create leading edge products and services, and are developing new business models to compete in the global marketplace. The successful finalists covered a range of business disciplines; Fashion, Sport, and Medical, all of which demonstrated a high standard and expert knowledge in their fields. Year on year, we can expect to see this category develop and enhance with more amazing business ideas making Data Science core to their business. This was Orreco’s 2nd year entering the Awards – so it was really great to see them in the process as the Awards has grown!  We caught up with Fiona Slevin from Orreco for a brief Q & A.

Check out the video below to get an insight in to what Team Orreco pitched for their winning presentation for  DatSci Awards 2017.

How does it feel to be a DatSci Awards 2017 winner?

Good! Feels it validates the hard work of the team and our strategic direction.

Tell us about your winning submission:

Our submission centred around a specific service (Orreco-Zone) that involves taking low friction blood samples from athletes at regular intervals; the data from the blood sample is analysed and blended with other contextual data about their performance and wellness.

Our systems interpret the data based on Orreco core research that shows how specific biomarker readings reliably indicate training load, recovery, and injury and illness risk.

We apply machine learning and AI to deliver results at individual level. As well as alerting to possible over-training and injury/illness risk, the system generates individualised strategies for recovery and wellness as well as actionable recommendations for diet, training load and sleep.

Tell us a little bit about what Orecco do:

Orreco is revolutionizing how athletes monitor and sustain their performance. Our full-stack, science-driven solutions use biomarkers, performance statistics and machine intelligence to generate individualized indicators that reduce injury, prevent illness, increase availability and prolong careers.

Currently delivering in the elite space, we are increasingly scaling our solutions to the health-conscious consumer who takes their exercise seriously.

Our scientists have been working with some of the best teams and athletes on the planet for over 20 years, and we have particular novel research in how blood biomarkers track and indicate wellness and performance.

What is your advice for anyone considering entering DatSci Awards 2018?

Do it!

What did you think of the Awards Ceremony?

Well organised. Great networking and opportunity to see and meet others in the data science space.

Are you interested in hearing more about DatSci Awards 2018? Would you like to compete, enter or consider sponsorship opportunities? Let us know here!