The Data Scientist of the Year, is a sought after title! We had a  huge number of applications for this Award, with 5 individuals making it through to the finals.  The Data Scientist of the Year Award was powered by our Title Sponsor Deloitte Ireland.

Simon Murphy, Head of Technology and the Analytics & Information Management practice in Deloitte Ireland, presented this year’s Award and commented:

“Deloitte are proud to sponsor this years data science awards and in particular the Data Scientist of the year award. We believe in the importance of data science as a career and data scientists for the significant contributions and impact that they make. The quality of the entries this year was very high and I’d like to congratulate Ana Peleteiro Ramallo on winning this year’s award.”

The Data Scientist of the Year category recognises the leaders in Ireland’s data science community, who not only bring truly game-changing rigour, curiosity, and innovation to the “science” side of data science, but who can also effectively communicate that innovation and inspire the broader community to ever greater heights.  This is the award for our top thinkers, innovators, and communicators and this year we had a healthy mix of candidates from many organisations including Ireland’s burgeoning Data Science start up scene.  All the finalists for this award are amazing and it was exceptionally difficult to pick just one.  We are fortunate indeed to have so many leaders in this growing space.

Here is some insight from Ana Peleteiro Ramallo on the presentation day!

We asked her a few questions about her victory and this year’s DatSci Awards:

How does it feel to be a DatSci Awards 2017 winner?

I am very happy about the award, it is a good recognition to all my contributions within Zalando and also in
the data science community in general.

Tell us about your winning submission:

I presented about how I have been shipping ground breaking products in Deep Learning for NLP and
Knowledge Extraction, and the big impact they have had in the business.

What was it that first attracted you to Data Science as a career?

I love solving problems, and having data helps you understand and solve problems. Also, being a data
scientist, you have real world impact with the things that you build.

Who has been your biggest influencer in your career to date?

There have been many different influencers in my career. My family, since they have always supported me and
cheered for me to achieve my goals. Also, my friend and colleague Humberto Corona, that has grown
professionally with me since we are in college. Finally, I have been lucky to have really good leads, such as my
PhD advisors and also my lead in Zalando, Adam Bermingham, that have had an impact on my growth.

Who do you admire most in the international Data Science world and why?

All the people that are doing ground breaking work and that have a data vision for future, such as Andrew Ng
or Richard Socher, just to mention a couple.

Do you work on any data projects/ Initiatives outside of your job?

I give talks, workshops and knowledge sharing in different events and meetups, such as WiML, Deep Learning
meetups, etc.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Data Science?

Always keep on learning and curious.

What is your advice for anyone considering entering DatSci Awards 2018?

Prepare a good case for your technical skills and contributions, and how these have impacted the business.

What did you think of the Awards Ceremony?

I really enjoyed the format and the venue, and it was a good chance to meet other people working in the DS

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