The DatSci Team is delighted to have Tom Cockrell, Global Head of Decision Analytics at Dropbox assist with the DatSci Awards 2017. Tom is part of the DatSci Awards 2017 Advisory Committee and Judging Panel and was also a judge in the inaugural 2016 Awards. Here is what he has to say:

I’m excited to once again be a part of the DatSci Awards.  It’s our opportunity to celebrate the talent we have in Ireland and the impact we are making not just here but around the globe.

I personally think about data science from an outcomes perspective.  Namely, how does it improve how we solve practical business problems, and how we measure the impact of these practical solutions across the enterprise.   And, if proven beneficial, how do we get the toolsets into as many hands as possible.  In my experience, leading strategy and operations functions over the last 15 years I’ve seen capabilities and depth of analytical talent spread inexorably through organizations.  Today, team members at all levels and functions of fast-moving organisations are passionate to learn advanced analytics platforms to help them work more effectively and derive insights from their day-to-day.  The idea and promise of data science is longer the exclusive domain of an elite few – although of course elites still drive the science forward.  Complex analysis is becoming the language of everyday business.  It informs how we define our customers, chart the future, and market our products.  Superior companies out-compete the market by making these decisions more quickly with greater accuracy, and then consequently execute and iterate with more confidence.

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2016 Winners (left to right): Best Start-up of the Year: Kinesis Health Technologies, Student of the Year: Kevin Brosnan, University of Limerick, Data Scientist of the Year: Dave Sheehan, AIB, Team of the Year for Academic Research: The National Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research (CeADAR), Indigenous Irish Company of the Year: Corvil, Multinational Company of the Year Award: Pramerica

Celebrating the art of data science

These awards have in the past, and will again this year, shine a bright light on where elite professionals evolving the craft to make massive impact for their organisations.  So let’s highlight and celebrate this impact.

As impressive as the advances have been over the last 20 years, it’s negligent to limit our focus narrowly to the business world.  So I’m glad that this year we are extending the awards categories to public and social impact.  This is inspirational work where the problems are often the most critical to address and the most nettlesome to solve.  In the last several years we’ve seen data science make material impact on our understanding of, and approach to, climate change, resource scarcity, infectious disease management, care of threatened species worldwide, and many other challenges.  Ireland has a famously long history of leading positive change in the world.  I’m glad that this year we are recognizing leaders who are extending this proud cultural tradition to the field of data science.

Don’t forget to enter this year’s DatSci awards for one of the 8 categories soon as the  deadline is 31.05.2017

Check out the video below for some tips that I have for when you decide to enter this year’s DatSci Awards.